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        The purpose of an interview is to find out if your goals and the goals of an organization are compatible.Other goals of the interview are:to answer questions successfully,obtain any additional information needed to make a decision,accent your special strengths,establish a positive relationship,show confidence,and to sell yourself.Based on these goals,place yourself in the role of the interviewer and develop anticipated questions and answers to three categories:company data,personal data,and specific job data.You also develop questions which you will ask to determine how well your career goals match the needs of the organization.These questions include both those you would ask before a job offer and those you would ask after a job offer.

        Prior to the interview,acquaint yourself with the laws pertaining to job discrimination.This knowledge will enhance your chances of being considered on an equal standing with other applicants.

        To develop confidence,adequately prepare for the interview.Focus on how you can best serve the organization to which you are applying.Then rehearse until the rough edges are smoothed and you sound convincing to those with whom you have practiced.

        Since the interview will center on you,proper self-management process is divided into four stages:the before stage,the greeting stage,the consultation stage,and the departure stage.The before stage includes writing a confirmation letter,concentrating on appearance and nonverbal communication,developing your portfolio,anticipating questions with positive responses,and arriving early.The greeting stage includes greeting everyone courteously,using waiting-room smarts,using your time wisely,and applying proper protocol when meeting the interviewer.The consultation stage includes responsiveness and enthusiasm,knowing when to interject key points,showing sincerity,highlighting your strengths,and listening intently.The departure stage includes leaving on a positive note,expressing appreciation,expressing interest,leaving promptly,and making notes immediately after departure.

        To save time and money and offer convenience to prospective employees and employers,video taping and satellite videophones may become a common method of interviewing.Being at ease in front of a camera would be important for these types of interviews.

        Following the interview,write thank-you letters to each person who interviewed you and to those who helped you get the interview.When invited for a second interview,go prepared by using your notes and feedback from the interview to zero in on what the company wants.If the company doesn‘t respond in two weeks,call back or write a follow-up letter.You may get turned down.If so,try to find out why as a means of self-improvement.

        Following a job offer,take a few days to consider all elements and then call or write a letter either accepting or declining the offer-—whichever is appropriate.If you accept and you are presently employed,write an effective letter of resignation,departing on a positive note.

        1.The word“compatible”in the first sentence probably means____.

        [A] in agreement [B] in conflict

        [C] complementary [D] practicable

        2.The writer advises you to familiarize yourself with the laws concerning job discrimination so that ____.

        [A] you can show your prospective employer you have a wide range of knowledge

        [B] you stand on equal chance of being hired with other applicants to the job

        [C] you will refuse to give answers to any questions against the current laws

        [D] you know how to behave within the limit of laws at the interview

        3.At which stage should you emphasize your qualifications for the job?

        [A] The before stage.

        [B] The greeting stage.

        [C] The consultation stage.

        [D] The departure stage.

        4.If you are given a second interview,it is most important for you to____.

        [A] write a thank-you letter to each person who interviewed you last time

        [B] find out exactly what the company wants of you

        [C] learn from the last interview and improve yourself

        [D] consider all the elements that are important for the job

        5.The passage is mainly concerned with____.

        [A] how to manage an interview

        [B] how to apply for a job vacancy

        [C] how an applicant should behave during an interview

        [D] how to make your private goal compatible with those of an organization








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