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        2019内蒙古教师招聘面试技巧-Unit 5 Do you like pears?

        2019-09-08 16:37:51| 来源:中公教师网


        Teaching Aims:

        Knowledge aims:

        (1) Students can learn four new words: orange, pear, apple and banana.

        (2) Students can master the structure of “Do you like pears?”

        Ability aim:

        Students can improve their listening and speaking ability by taking part in activities.

        Emotional aim:

        Students will be more interested in English and like to speak English in daily life.

        Key points:

        (1) Listen, speak and use the new words: orange, pear, apple and banana.

        (2) Master the structure of “Do you like”.

        Difficult points:

        (1) Use the new words and structure in their daily life.

        (2) Improve the interest of learning English, and like to speak English.

        Teaching Procedures:

        Step 1: Warming up and lead-in

        1. Daily greeting

        2. Sing a song named How Do You Do together.

        Step 2: Presentation and practice

        Activity 1

        Show a picture of an apple and ask students to answer the question “What’s this in English”. Describing the apple and tell students if there is more than one apple, we can say “apples”. Write the word “apple” on the blackboard and ask students to read it together for twice. In the same way, teach students another three new words “orange”, “pear” and “banana”.

        After teaching the four new words, play a game: Divide students into four groups. When I show the four pictures arbitrarily, each group should read out the name of the fruit in the picture. The group reading all names in the least time will be the winner.

        Activity 2

        I will say that I like pears very much and explain why I like pears best. Tell students when I ask them the question “Do you like pears”, they can answer “Yes, I do” if they like and “No, I don’t” if they do not like.

        Invite some students to answer my questions “Do you like apples/oranges/bananas” by using the structure of “Yes, I do” or “No, I don’t”.

        Play the tape for the first time and ask students to listen carefully. Play the tape for the second time and ask students to answer the question “if the boy likes pears” after listening. Play the tape for the third time and ask students to read after the tape.

        Give students 3 minutes to make conversations with their deskmates and then invite two groups to perform.

        Activity 3

        Make the chant on the book.

        Step 3: Summary and homework

        Ask two students to talk about what we have learned in this class. Make some supplements after their shares. Tell students to teach their parents the chant we did just now.

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