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        2019内蒙古教师招聘面试技巧-Unit 9 My favorite subject is science

        2019-09-08 16:37:36| 来源:中公教师网


        Period 1.(1a-1c)

        Teaching contents: Talk about the subject and preference

        Teaching aims:

        Knowledge aims:

        A. Grasp the new words of subject, such as science, geography

        B. Be able to understand the sentence structures: What’s your favorite subject? My favorite subject is xxxxx?

        Ability aims:

        Be able to express their preference after learning this lesson.

        Emotional aims:

        A.Form a deeper love of the subject.

        B. Learn to share preference with partners.

        The key points/ difficult points:

        The key point:

        A. Express their preference after learning this lesson fluently.

        B. Understand the sentence structures: What’s your favorite subject? My favorite subject is xxxxx?

        The difficult point:

        To form a habit of using English in their daily life.

        Teaching procedures:

        Warming up: Greeting. T Pick up an English book and ask:

        T: What is this?

        S: It’s an English book

        T: What’s this class?

        S: English class.2

        T: Do you know what’s this?(hold a math book)

        My popures is catch my students’attention.


        Next show the picture of Chinese teacher, the picture of having history class,the sound of having music. In this way to introduce all the subjects one by one. And then Ss match the words in “1a” all by themselves. And next invite someone to share the answers and read it together. In order to have a deeper memory of them, play a finger game with class.


        Ask Ss , “so there so many subjects, I love English best, I can say my favorite subject is English. So what’s your favorite subject? ”,invite one student and ask:”What’s your favorite subject? ” Ss may answer just one word like “math”. T can repeat the answer with a full sentence. “You mean,your favorite subject is math.” Then lead the all class to read this sentence.Now,listen to the tape and check what’s our friends’ favorite subject and circle what you hear in 1a.

        “What’s Anna’s favorite subject? ---------------art

        “What’s lirda’s favorite subject?-----------------math .

        After listening, check the answers. If there are some difficult or mistake in the answers, Ss can listen to it one more time.


        Invite one s and ask:”what’s your favorite subject?” Ss may answer: My favorite subject is.......T ask another s:”what’s your favorite subject?” S may give a difficult answer. Give Ss 2mins to work in pairs to practice the conversation and make up their owns .

        T walk around to check out whether anyone need help. Invite some Ss to present their conversations. T give the volunteers proper evaluation and encouragement.

        Summary &Homework :

        Do a survey: Ask five of you classmate. “What’s your favorite subject?” And write down them as a report.




        Self examination:







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